Corroboration of Ikeya's work ?




Nearly a decade has passed since the publication of Earthquakes and Animals  (2004) and in various ways the book has received significant confirmation.  By July 2012 it had received 32 academic references.

Whitehead, Ulusoy, et al. 2004, dealt with the problem of anecdotal reporting of supposed precursors by members of the general public. How can one allow for the fact that people see correlations where there are none? This was attempted by examining ratios of classes of alleged precursors. It was assumed that there was no imaginable reason for people to change this ratio from one day to another, so the ratios in two time periods could be compared, and a statistical chi-squared analysis determine whether changes in the numbers recorded for the classes could have arisen merely by chance. By this means it was found that there were significant changes in ratios for the day before the Kobe and Izmit earthquakes,  and also 7 days before, implying that some real precursors were being detected but diluted with spurious material. This confirmed the findings in the book.

Ikeya, colleagues and students presented a lot of research material on animal reactions to ULF. Continuing research has suggested that some of these effects may be mediated by oxidative stress (biochemical damage triggered by electric fields). The topic is actively being researched to determine more accurately if there are human effects. The videos on this site are a unique resource, showing animal effects.

Research continues on measuring ULF frequency waves, particularly at Osaka University.


Confirmation from Christchurch Earthquakes, New Zealand 2010, 2011

Two destructive earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 in Christchurch, New Zealand, gave another opportunity to check the work in Whitehead et al. 2004, and animal precursors were again confirmed as statistically important one day before and in the hour before.  It was also shown statistically that there were excess losses of pets the day before (4.5x normal) and the week before (2x normal).  The evidence was very strong that some real animal precursors were being reported.

Earthquake light was noted in the Christchurch earthquakes. In one occurrence the light preceded the aftershock in such a way that the impulse generating it came from about 10 km deep and at about the speed of light, confirming Professor  Ikeya’s belief that ULF waves were involved, because nothing else could traverse that thickness of rock in such a short time.

In examples of electronic precursors, both a watch and clock on the same bedside table stopped at 3:17 am about 1.5 hours before the first quake, and much TV interference was noted.

This material has been submitted for publication.

After the publication of Earthquakes and Animals, results from the DEMETER satellite became available and confirmed ELF, ULF and temperature anomalies occurred and were statistically connected with large earthquakes. Some of these were disturbances to the ionosphere.

This confirms much of the work that Professor Ikeya started, and hopefully will lead, as he hoped, to the saving of lives in future.