Marine Animals

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From original video taken 1990-2003 | Audio in Japanese

Aquatic and marine animals have also been reported to behave in unusual ways before earthquakes. These videos may explain what is happening


Sea Lions

Sea Lions have been reported to become noisy and water avoidant before earthquakes. This experiment shows their sensitivity to EM pulses


Catfish are extremely sensitive to EM signals and their violent activity before earthquakes has been reported for centuries in Japan


Carp were reported to batter themselves to death before a Magnitude 7.3 earthquake in 1999. This laboratory experiment could explain why


Lobsters left the seabed and were caught in much large numbers than usual near the surface before a large M7.5 earthquake in Japan. This experiment probably shows why


Large catches of squid are considered a precursor of large earthquakes. The squid may be migrating in groups away from electric fields


People say minnows align themselves before earthquakes. They do the same exposed to electric fields in this laboratory experiment