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From original video taken 1990-2003 | Audio in Japanese

Laboratory experiments convinced Professor Ikeya that unusual clouds and lights seen before earthquakes were electro-atmospheric phenomena generated by intense electric fields at night, and having their source in rock beginning to fracture under enormous pressures


Unusual clouds & fair weather fogs

These have been reported before earthquakes. Professor Ikeya reproduced them in laboratory electric field experiments


Candle flames

Candle flames bending downwards, flickering in still conditions, or snuffing out, have been reported before earthquakes


Below. Top left: Sudden Earthquake Light widely viewed over Kobe, in the western sky, in winter just before the 5.47am earthquake; 3 photos taken at night during the Matsushiro earthquake swarm in 1967. Bottom: An elongated moon, taken at 8pm a day before the Kobe Earthquake. All can be explained as EM events


Professor Ikeya did not conduct any earthquake light experiments