Electronic Objects

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From original video taken 1990-2003 | Audio in Japanese

In laboratory experiments electronic devices of many kinds malfunctioned when they were exposed to EM waves. These malfunctions were typical of those reported before large earthquakes. Ikeya believed ULF EM waves were emitted before earthquakes from rock beginning to fracture under enormous pressures


TV and radio reception

Image distortion, flicker and speckling, colour banding, colour turning to black and white, and unstable channel settings have been reported by TV viewers before large earthquakes. Remote controls worked irregularly, TVs and radios turned themselves on, radios did not work or there was interference. Laboratory experiments produced similar effects



The second hands of quartz clocks have moved at speed, jerked, and even moved backwards before earthquakes. Clock alarms have been activated and high-precision clocks have suddenly shown the wrong time, others have stopped. Laboratory EM waves caused the same malfunctions

Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes have been reported to flicker dimly before earthquakes though switches are turned off - as they do in this laboratory experiment