Insects, Beetles, Worms

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From original video taken 1990-2003 | Audio in Japanese

Laboratory experiments convinced Professor Ikeya that unusual animal behaviour before earthquakes was caused by emission of EM waves from rock beginning to fracture under enormous pressures



People say that bees swarm and become aggressive before earthquakes. Dormant bees in a rural apiary exposed to EM waves in winter reacted in the same way


Worms have been reported coming to the surface of the ground in large numbers before earthquakes. Exposing field worms to electric fields and EM waves had the same effect


People have reported that stagbeetles come out of hibernation and become active before earthquakes. Exposure of stagbeetles to EM waves in the laboratory produces the same behaviour


Earthquake precursor reports say silkworms lie in unusual parallel patterns before large earthquakes. This video shows them reorienting themselves to minimise exposure to an electric field