Land Animals

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From original video taken 1990-2003 | Audio in Japanese

Many people have reported odd behaviour from dogs, cats and other pets before earthquakes. These animals behaved in similar ways when they were exposed to EM pulses in laboratory experiments. Professor Ikeya believed this behaviour was caused by EM waves in both cases; in the case of earthquakes generated from piezoelectric effects in rock beginning to fracture under enormous pressures before earthquakes

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Cats (1)

Cats have been reported to groom incessantly, climb to the tops of wardrobes, gag, and become anxious or fearful before earthquakes. This experiment shows cats reacting to EM pulses in the same way

Cats (2)

In this video a sleeping cat wakes and reacts to EM waves, finally doing something rather unusual


Many dog owners report strange behaviour from their dogs in days, hours and minutes before earthquakes.

Believing they were reacting to EM waves Ikeya exposed 4-5 dogs to EM pulses

Black Rats

Increased activity and scuffling of rats has been reported before earthquakes. Also pack evacuation of usual habitats. This video shows black rats reacting in similar ways in EM experiments


Pigs have been reported trying to escape from their pens before earthquakes. In this experiment a pig tries to avoid an electric field


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