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Professor Ikeya believed he found abundant experimental proof that many animals, birds, plants, electronic objects and the earth's atmosphere itself, were reacting to emission of EM waves of varying frequencies produced by growing and enormous pressures on rock before earthquakes. His laboratory exeriments reproduced these EM conditions, along with commonly reported earthquake precursor behaviours and phenomena. His English language papers are downloadable below. Please note, legibility varies, but all are readable and printable. He also published 22 papers in Japanese scientific journals.


In order of publication

Ikeya M, Takaki S. Electromagnetic Fault for Earthquake Lightning, 1995. PDF

Ikeya M, Furuta H, Kajiwara N, Anzai H. Ground Electric Field Effects on Rats and Sparrows: Seismic anomalous seismic behavior, 1996. PDF

Ikeya M, Takaki S, Takashimizu D. Electric Shocks Resulting in Seismic Animal Anomalous Behaviors (SAABs), 1995. PDF

Ikeya M, Takaki S. Seismic Electric Signals and Animal Anomalies, 1996. PDF

Ikeya M, Takaki S, Matsumoto H, Tani A, Komatsu T. Pulsed charge model of Fault Behavior Producing Seismic Electric Signals (SES), 1997. PDF

Ikeya M, Matsumoto H. Reproduced Earthquake Precursor Legends Using a Van de Graaf Electrostatic Generator: Candle Flame and Dropped Nails, 1997. PDF

Ikeya M, Kinoshita Y, Matsumoto H, Takaki S, Yamanaka C. A Model Experiment of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation over Long Distances Using Waveguide Terminology, 1997. PDF

Ikeya M, Huang Q, Earthquake Frequency and Moment Magnitude Relations for Mainshocks, Foreshocks and Aftershocks: Theoretical b values, 1997 PDF

Ikeya M, Komatsu T, Kinoshita Y, Teramoto K, Inoue K, Gondou M, Yamamoto T. Pulsed Electric Field before Kobe and lzu Earthquakes from Seismically‐induced Anomalous Animal Behavior (SAAB), 1997 PDF

Huang Q, Ikeya M, Peihui H. Electric Field Effects on Animals: Mechanism of Seismic Anomalous Animal Behaviors (SAABs), 1997. PDF

Huang Q, Ikeya M. An Experimental Approach to the Electromagnetic Phenomena Associated with Earthquakes, 1997, PDF

Ikeya M, Sasaoka H, Teramoto K, Huang, C. Ferroelectric Alignment of Piezo‐compensating Quasi‐Dipolar Charges and Formation of Tornado‐like Earthquake Cloud, 1997. PDF

Ikeya M, Matsuda T, Yamanaka C. Reproduction of Mimosa and Clock Anomalies before Earthquakes, 1998. PDF

Takaki S, Ikeya M. A Dark Discharge Model of Earthquake Lightning, 1998, PDF

Matsumoto H, Ikeya M, Yamanaka C. Analysis of Barber Pole Color and Speckle Noises Recorded
6 and a half Hours before the Kobe Earthquake,
1998. PDF

Sasaoka H, Yamanaka C, Ikeya M, Measurements of electric potential variation by piezoelectricity of granite. 1998 PDF

Huang Q, lkeya M, Seismic electromagnetic signals (SEMS )explained by a simulation experiment using electromagnetic waves. 1998 PDF

Ikeya M, Matsumoto H, Huang Q. Alignment silkworms as seismlic animal anomalous behaviour(SAAB)and electromagnetic model of a fault:a theory and laboratory experiment. 1998 PDF

Huang Q, lkeya M. Theoretical lnvestigation of Seismic Electric Field Associated with Faulting. 1998 PDF

Ikeya M, Matsumoto H. Duplicated Earthquake Precursor Anomalies of Electric Applicances, 1998. PDF

Ikeya M, Furuta H, Yamanaka C, Ohtani N. Otah N. Resonant Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves:Hazard Assessmlents of Handy Phones and Unusual Animal Behavior before Earthquakes, 1998. PDF

Ikeya M, Earthquake precursors due to seismic electromagnetic signals(SEMS), 1999. PDF

Huang Q, lkeya M. Experimental study on the propagation of seismic electromagnetic signals (SEMS) using a mini-geographic model of the Taiwan Strait. 1999 PDF

Ikeya M, Yamanaka C, Mattsuda T, Sasaoka H, Ochiai H, Huang Q, Ohtani N, Komuranani T, Ohta M, Ohno Y, Nakagawa T. Electromagnetic pulses generated by compression of rocks and animal behavior, 2000. PDF

Ikeya M, Matsumoto H, Huang Q, Takaki S. Theoretical Scaling Laws for Fault Length, Seismic Electromagnetic Signals (SEMS)and Maximum Appearance Area, 2000. PDF

Teramoto K, Ikeya M. Experimental Study of Cloud Formation by lntense Electric Fields, 2000. PDF

Matsuda T, Yamanaka C, Ikeya M. Behavior of Stress‐Induced Charges in Cement Containing Quartz Crystals, 2001. PDF

Matsuda T, Ikeya M. Variation of nitric oxide concentration before the Kobe earthquake, Japan, 2001 PDF

Sato H, Yamanaka C, Ikeya M. Experimental Study on the Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves and the Spatial Distribution of Electric Potential, 2001. PDF

Ikeya M, , Ryouya l, Yamanaka C. Scaling model experiments on propagation of electromagnetic waves using salt solution to simulate the Earth's crust: Loma Prieta and Kobe earthquakes, 2002. PDF

Ikeya M, Sato H, Ulusoy U, Kimura R. Split sea and walls of water, Moses' phenomenon at the lzmit earthquake, Turkey, 2002, PDF

Asahara H ,Yokoi S, Yamanaka C. Ikeya M. An Automatic lnfrared Sensor System to Observe Unusual Animal Behavior, 2001. PDF

Yamanaka C, Asahara H, Matsumoto H, Ikeya M. Wideband Environmental Electromagnetic Wave Observation Searching for Seismo-electromagnetic Signals and Simultaneous Observation of Catfish Behavior ―The Cases for the Western Tottori and the Geiyo Earthquakes, 2002. PDF

Yokoi S, Ikeya M, Takeshi Y, Nagai K. Mouse Circadian Rhythm Before the Kobe Earthquake in 1995, 2003. PDF

Whitehead NE, Ulusoy U, Asahara H, Ikeya M. Are any public―reported earthquake precursors valid? 2004, PDF